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The future (of coding) is female: Sudo

In January 2016, Melissa Mangos attended the Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing conference, inspired by Professor Wendy Powley. "It was so cool meeting women from different schools and all the professional women in computing. It was how I came up with Sudo. Talking to a lot of people, I found that other cities like Toronto and Montreal had initiatives for women to learn programming but Kingston didn't have anything like that."

Four months later, she launched Sudo in Kingston, with the help of some Queen's friends.

Workshop gets with the programming

At the rear of The Sanctuary, up a flight of stairs, five students sat quietly behind their computers on Saturday afternoon, listening intently to their instructor and taking all the relevant notes.

Remember, it is still August, and these people weren’t in a class. They were at a workshop put on by Sudo called “Exploring Data Science with R.”

Queens grad supporting female programmers in Kingston

When Queen’s graduate Melissa Mangos attended the Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing conference in January 2016, she noticed a lack of initiatives available for female computer programmers in Kingston. To remedy the lack of female involvement, Sudo was born four months later.

Interview with WafflesRadio

Interview begins at 4:50

WHOA, These 8 Year Olds Know How to Code

The Hour of Code is taking place this week in schools. Students younger than ever will be exposed to computer coding.

"Progammer" Stereotypes are Changing

A new community group called Sudo aims to empower women through computer programming skills.

Empowering Women through Computer Programming

KINGSTON - In a business world becoming more and more technology-oriented, a new Kingston non-profit organization is encouraging women to become masters of their own web domain.

The initiative is called Sudo, which is also the name of a Linux command that allows users to install, update and access files on a server. Paralleling that, the initiative aims to install new technical skills, update existing computer knowledge and help women in the community access empowerment.